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Vanbridge’s Advisory Services group specializes in bringing private equity firms, hedge funds and asset managers together with insurers, reinsurers and management teams to develop, structure and implement a wide range of products and solutions.  With legal, capital markets and brokerage experience, our capital related solutions bridge the gap between insurance and capital markets in order to create the best solutions for our clients.

Capital Related Solutions


Mergers & Acquisitions

We assist investors, (re)insurers and other market participants in acquiring insurance businesses as well as setting up new businesses, both domestic and offshore. We bring together both our advisory capabilities as well as our backgrounds and expertise in the legal and financial fields to assist our clients.  We offer a full range of advisory services, including traditional M&A advice, corporate finance advice including private placements and valuation services.

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Capital Advisory and Solutions

We utilize our backgrounds in the legal, regulatory, banking and financial fields to assist insurers and reinsurers in improving regulatory capital efficiency and return on capital, the development of new products, and the structuring of complex reinsurance transactions. We support asset intensive transactions through the use of credit enhancement insurance solutions, along with a myriad of other creative structures.


Capital Raising

We bring private equity firms, hedge funds and asset managers together with insurers, reinsurers and management teams in deploying capital to support reinsurance transactions, generate funding for asset managers and create new businesses, tailoring each situation to the needs and goals of our clients. We are retained by alternative asset managers, intermediaries, MGAs, insurers, reinsurers and other market participants.

Current Capital Advisory Opportunities

Providing capital related solutions for clients operating at the intersection of insurance and capital markets.

  • We are engaged by several life insurers and reinsurers to provide advisory services as well as to raise capital and capacity to support specific new business lines and reinsurance transactions. The transaction sizes range from $100 million to $1 billion.

  • We are engaged by several large hedge funds, private equity and other asset managers to assist in the deployment of their capital and asset management capabilities in conjunction with reinsurance transactions involving asset-intensive, long dated life, annuity, disability, long term care and casualty liabilities.

  • We are involved in several projects relating to US risk based capital as well as UK and European Solvency II solutions.

  • We are engaged by several market participants in developing and placing insurance and reinsurance for various credit and asset-related risks; the transformation of risk; and the packaging of risk for distribution into the capital markets.

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