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Insurance Administration and Management

Our Insurance Administration and Management team provides value-added operational and business processing services, free from conflicts of interest, that help those involved in the management of risk realize significant bottom line savings.  We are able to achieve this through our highly experienced technical staff, our ability to adapt quickly to situational changes, and our commitment to staying current with the latest industry information and advances in technology.

Accounting and Reinsurance

Forensic Accounting

Our Forensic Accounting Services team comprises Certified Public Accountants and Certified Financial Forensics with over 20 years of experience providing forensic analysis and reconciliation of financial data with a focus on risk and exposure evaluation.  This group provides analysis and reporting on loss of business income, property claims and fidelity losses; and expert testimony, furnish discovery, and trial and deposition assistance.  In short, effective solutions are provided to complex business problems that result in improved client profitability and minimized submitted loss exposures.

Reinsurance Arbitration & Reconciliation

Organizations in need of reinsurance services must look for experienced consultants who focus on maximizing the economic value of their reinsurance assets by improving cash flow, lowering arbitration and litigation costs and reducing Schedule F penalties. The Reinsurance Services practice employs a team of seasoned collections professionals, both nationally and abroad, who are fluent in current industry trends and developments.

Premium, Loss Deductible & Reinsurance Collection

A streamlined Collections process is a necessity in today’s business climate. Collections professionals offer a solid understanding of industry nuances, and work to preserve the critical relationship between carrier, broker, and insured. They also excel at the detailed, systematic process required for collections success.

Our Commercial Premium and Loss Deductible Collection Services practice specializes in the collection of outstanding commercial insurance premiums and loss deductibles. Utilizing a proactive approach to collections, the firm has enabled clients to improve cash flow, lower collection costs, and reduce over 90 day STAT penalties.


Legal Invoice Auditing

Legal costs can be an expensive component of conducting business. While corporations want to compensate providers of legal services for reasonable and necessary activity, a thorough vetting of billings is prudent. It is to our clients’ advantage to analyze and review all legal billings to ensure adherence to an applicable industry standard.  A professional review can furnish, in detail, useable data delineating compliant, reimbursable fees and expenses, as well as flag charges that may not be in keeping with services rendered. The Legal Bill Auditing Services practice provides invoice analysis, reconciliation and negotiation across a variety of industry sectors. A legal audit is performed by fully qualified attorneys who have both technical and professional expertise.

Third Party Claims Management

Today, many organizations are reducing their insurance premiums by taking advantage of self-insurance and higher liability deductibles as an alternative to the traditional insurance policy. With this model, working with an experienced Third-Party Administrator (TPA) who provides technical and administrative services is a smart choice. Our Third Party Claims Management team provides expertise in the technical handling, auditing and administrative processing of property, casualty, professional liability and mass tort claims. Unlike many Third Party Administrators, our services are highly personalized and the group specializes in high severity and complex accounts.


Quantitative Services, Loss & Data Allocation

Decision-makers at all levels increasingly must rely on verifiable data, presented in a clear, concise manner to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. In this burgeoning field, sophisticated data management and modeling techniques, in conjunction with strong industry knowledge, are the keys to providing meaningful analytics.

The Quantitative Services practice provides thoughtful decision-making tools for management through complex data analysis, claim allocation modeling, and data-extraction services. Experienced staff members are dedicated to providing superior quantitative services with an emphasis on presenting results in a manner most useful to the clients’ needs.


Claims Auditing

Investing in Claims Auditing services is a proactive and cost effective way to impact your bottom line. Our Claims Auditing practice has the ability to conduct operational reviews of entire claims departments, including quality of staffing and overall claims handling; conduct pre-settlement audits to validate claims history before settlement discussions; and perform post-settlement audits to verify the terms and conditions are being adhered to.

Claims Closure

Individual claims and books of casualty business allowed to languish without a game plan for resolution can end up costing corporations and insurers significant dollars relating to extra indemnity and expense payments.

With a proven workflow and process, the Claims Auditing Services practice has successfully worked with clients to decrease case reserves, thus lowering IBNR and significantly reducing the amount of collateral required, therefore releasing cash for investments or bottom line results.

Investigative Services

Our Investigative Services practice is comprised of both staff adjusters and a network of highly-trained independent adjusters, fully licensed and qualified to perform a variety of insurance claims investigations including fraud and other related investigative work.

Risk Management

Underwriting & Risk Management

When faced with multidimensional issues, organizations must look for industry experts who can provide a cost effective and objective single-source solution. Our Underwriting and Risk Management Services practice provides operational and functional consulting in support of property and casualty risk-bearing activities across a variety of specialty coverage, exposure and industry sectors.

Our professionals are experienced in handling international underwriting portfolio management, product and process creation, underwriting audit testing, and actuarial pricing and profitability analysis.

Due Diligence

Each investment opportunity is unique thereby requiring a tailored due diligence process to increase the probability of earning a profitable return. The Due Diligence Services practice offers an exhaustive review of all business documents and records in an effort to access the health and viability of the business in question. The firm’s approach to assessing a business investment is to focus our due diligence activities across the enterprise.

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