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Intermediary Services

Our Intermediary Services group assists the alternative asset management community in managing risk through specialty programs and risk aggregation, using traditional and alternative sources of capacity.

When properly structured, insurance programs are a more efficient (less expensive) way for a group of clients with similar characteristics to purchase a superior product.  Vanbridge’s broad insurance expertise and focus on alternative asset managers gives us a unique opportunity to spot common challenges faced by our clients and create an efficient solution for all or a sub-set of these clients.

We are uniquely structured to work with your retail broker, not compete against them. This results in a team of insurance professionals working together to create products and develop solutions that solve client issues.

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Risk Aggregation Strategy

Founded on the simple principle that Private Equity clients want to maximize buying power across their entire portfolio without losing longstanding relationships portfolio companies maintain with their existing retail insurance brokers. We have successfully helped Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital investors aggregate all types of Property and Casualty lines of coverage, as well as, Group Employee Benefits.  Learn more

SiX Executive Risk Programs

A suite of Executive Risk and Worker’s Compensation Insurance products specifically tailored to private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and asset management firms as well as their portfolio companies.

After listening to the frustrations of our 100+ participating private equity and venture capital firms, we created the SiX platform on the belief that the process doesn’t need to be so complicated or inefficient and have developed risk solutions that make sense for their businesses.  Learn more

SiX Fund Liability

The insurance coverage for Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds is intended as a last line of defense to protect the General Partners and employees of the Fund.  It also protects the Limited Partners from having to indemnify the General Partners and employees if they are drawn into litigation.

The Vanbridge solution combines Directors and Officers, Errors and Omissions, Employment Practices and Outside Directorship liability into a single policy form for Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds
that has been accepted by four A-rated insurance carriers.  Learn more 

SiX Workers' Compensation Program

Workers’ Compensation insurance is a regulated and mandatory form of insurance; every business with more than 5 employees must buy workers’ compensation insurance.  For Alternative Asset Managers, this insurance comes at a high price based solely on total annual compensation with little to no recognition of low loss experience. Historically, the industry class has operated with excellent loss ratios, however, due to their size, many companies have been unable to obtain any program options beyond guaranteed cost.

To address this market disconnect, Vanbridge created SiX Comp, specifically designed for Alternative Asset Managers, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Companies.  Learn More

Strategic and Transaction Solutions

Vanbridge’s strategic and transaction solutions team focuses on using insurance capacity to address strategic risks and facilitate transactions on behalf of our clients.

We focus on providing solutions, not products. Too many intermediaries think only in terms of an existing “product”.  We understand that many M & A transactions create unique, deal specific risks that don’t fit into the confines of an existing product.  We work to develop solutions using not only insurance capital but alternative capital resources as well.  Learn more

Placement Experience | Sample Engagement

Primary and Umbrella:

Vanbridge was presented with a “renew as expiring” self-insured (SIR) primary general and products liability program along with an umbrella.  Vanbridge recommended critical structural program changes which generated significant benefits to the insured.


  • Reduce SIR from $5M to $2M
  • Convert program to an occurrence form (from a claims made form)
  • Purchase tail coverage related to the claims made form
  • Amend policy form to include within the SIR allocated loss expenses and exclude those costs from the insured limit

The insured and their broker agreed with these program improvements instructing Vanbridge to implement.  Vanbridge’s program design reduced the insured’s exposure to loss by $3M, reduced premiums by 11% and provided the private equity owner with a cleaner exit with the conversion to occurrence coverage.

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