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Strategic and Transactional Risk Solutions

Vanbridge is uniquely positioned in the transactional risk insurance space to advise our clients and create bespoke solutions that improve and derisk M & A transactions.

Transactional insurance products are intended to provide a supplement or alternative to indemnification, escrows and hold-backs. Rather than funding these liabilities, these products provide protection against the contingent liability for a premium. These products also provide a mechanism for sellers to insure their contingent liabilities or indemnification obligations in connection with a transaction. Vanbridge’s Strategic and Transaction Solutions team focuses on using insurance capacity to address strategic risks and facilitate transactions on behalf of our clients.

Some of the key Vanbridge differentiators include:

Focus on Providing Solutions, Not Products

Too many intermediaries think only in terms of an existing “product”. M&A transactions create unique, deal-specific risks that don’t fit into the confines of an existing product. We work to develop solutions using not only insurance capital but alternative capital resources as well.

Depth of Knowledge and Experience

Our team includes several of the original brokers and attorneys who developed these products in the mid-1990’s.  This depth of knowledge and experience coupled with our senior relationships at all of the leading insurance companies assures our clients the best possible outcome on their placements.

In-House Interdisciplinary Resources

We have experienced professionals who understand both insurance and M&A matters.  The typical broker does not have the in-house resources that combine these two disciplines.  We are fortunate to have the former head of the insurance practice at Mayer Brown on our team who has decades of experience in insurance coverage, complex structures and M&A. The majority of our team have significant experience in the M&A insurance space.

Flexibility and Ability to Operate on "Deal Time"

Flexibility and ability to operate on “deal time”.  In general, the insurance industry operates on books of business with set “renewal” dates. M&A transaction timelines are just the opposite:  issues arise unexpectedly and deadlines change.  The broker intermediary must be able to respond in real time to resolve matters; otherwise, problems fall to clients and/or their counsel –all of whom are busy getting the deal done.

Transactional Risk Insurance Products

Vanbridge’s interdisciplinary team approach ensures clients receive a comprehensive, well thought out solution, tailored to their specific situation, using the best possible risk capital providers. We believe that the strength of Vanbridge and its subsidiaries can give our clients a competitive advantage in structuring insurance solutions that remove obstacles and improve transactions. Scroll below for additional detail on some of the transactional risk products that we have brought to bear for our clients as they sought to buy or sell a business.

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