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High-end, bespoke solutions

Tailored portfolio aggregation programs

Introducing Vanbridge

Vanbridge was conceived out of the desire to better serve the alternative asset management community by bridging the traditional insurance industry and capital markets and allowing them to tap into the best aspects of both.  Vanbridge grew out of the combination of Sharebridge Private Equity Consolidated, Inc., which was a specialty insurance intermediary serving private equity and hedge fund clients, and Vanbridge LLC, an advisory boutique focused on the convergence of the insurance industry and capital markets.

Vanbridge is an insurance intermediary, insurance administration & management, and advisory services firm that provides products and services at the intersection of the insurance/reinsurance, private equity and hedge fund industries. Since our inception, we have been providing advice and solutions that allow Alternative Asset Management firms to utilize insurance techniques to support their investing strategies as well as reducing costs for their holdings resulting in EBITDA improvement.

A Different Kind of Firm


Interdisciplinary. Our team combines the best in property & casualty, life and annuity, capital markets and legal expertise and works collaboratively without silos.

Collaborative.  We believe successful strategies are born out of collaboration. Through the diversity of our talent, we are able to take a holistic approach when providing advice and solutions.

Independent. We are unbiased and solely focused on maintaining our clients’ priorities.

Our Strategic Partners

Vanbridge is supported by a group of highly regarded financial service partners including Alvarez & Marsal Capital Partners and V.J. Dowling & Partners. The combination of our resources along with those of our strategic partners, gives us tremendous capacity to source, provide due diligence, advise, acquire and operate insurance related assets.

Areas of Specialization

  • EBITDA Enhancement through Aggregation Programs
  • Executive Risk Management Solutions
  • Risk Aggregation Strategies
  • Structuring Transactions
  • Private Placement Insurance and Annuities
  • Corporate Owned Life Insurance, Executive Benefits, Business & Continuation Planning
  • Improving Regulatory Capital Efficiency
  • Development of New Products
  • Reinsurance Transaction Structuring
  • Credit Enhancement Tools
  • Balance Sheet Enhancement
  • Due Diligence Support

Strategic Acquisitions

Vanbridge Holdings continues to grow by leveraging strategic acquisitions to bring the best expertise to the alternative asset management community. We continuously strive to identify new areas in which we can further assist our clients in achieving their business objectives.  New trends and opportunities for growth are at the forefront of our vision and we will continue to expand our reach, broaden our scope of solutions and add new professional services to meet them.

Over the last few years, Vanbridge has acquired Alan Gray LLC, a highly respected international audit, actuarial, underwriting, reinsurance and risk management firm, and Universal Insurance Services LLC, considered one of the most innovative life insurance and financial advisory distribution firms in the country.  The decision to acquire these firms represents a shared vision of Vanbridge’s goal to build a boutique firm that caters to alternative asset managers. By leveraging the intellectual capital, technical capabilities and client relationships of all the firms, we are effectively converging the insurance, reinsurance and executive benefits space to solve for what the marketplace is starving for–innovative change.

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